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Offshore Development: How Not to Screw It Up In his session at Cloud Expo, Alan Winters, an entertainment executive/TV producer turned serial entrepreneur, will present a success story of an entrepreneur who has both suffered through and benefited from offshore development across multiple businesses: The smart choice, or how to select the right offshore development partner Warning signs, or how to minimize chances of making the wrong choice Collaboration, or how to establish the most effective work processes Budget control, or how to maximize project results within possible constraints You will see how it is possible to find your perfect software development partner and establish a long-term business partnership in the world of offshore development. Speaker Bio Alan Winters is an entertainment executive/TV producer turned serial entrepreneur. After spending two deca... (more)

Software Error vs Exception – In Real World Examples | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps #APM #Monitoring

Software Error vs Exception - In Real World Examples By Matt Watson After 15+ years of software development, I still use the words error and exception interchangeably. But is there a difference between exceptions and errors? I think it is best to make the distinction with some examples of errors vs exceptions. Example #1: Dishwasher Errors Let's use this example of a dishwasher. Both images depict a problem, or error, that happened with the dishwasher. One was clearly user error of putting in the wrong type of soap. The other was an error that the dishwasher recognized and showed an error code for this. I think this dishwasher example perfectly sums up the difference between an error and an exception. Both of these problems were errors. The difference here is the designer and engineers designed the product to handle one of the errors. It was an exception that the e... (more)

Similarities Between School Lunch & Software Development | @CloudExpo #Cloud #Software

Shocking Similarities Between School Lunch & Software Development The need to add more features on shorter release cycles is ubiquitous. At some point we will reach the threshold of gaining efficiencies and quality will begin to degrade. There is some evidence that we've reached and crossed that threshold already. In the late 1960's the National School Lunch Program was struggling to keep up with the growing number of children needing assistance. To combat the issue The Child Nutrition Act was passed in 1966, but eventually privatization of school lunches was seen as the only affordable option for continuing the service. By the late 1970's, private companies were supplying schools with fast food to serve in their cafeterias. Source. These actions decreased the cost of feeding children in need during the school day; however, the quality and nutritional value of the fo... (more)

China Backs Off

PC makers aren't going to be compelled to put that Green Dam Internet filtering software on their boxes in order to sell them in China, according to the Wall Street Journal. The paper quoted industry minister Li Yizhong as saying in a turnabout Thursday that the program was always intended to be optional but the regulation was unclear when released in May by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Supposedly users were meant to install it themselves if they wanted. The plan was delayed indefinitely in June after a public outcry from human rights activists over censorship and government intervention although Lenovo, Acer, and Asustek bent to the rule. The Green Dam software itself was said to be defective and poached in part from an American program. China intends to keep installing the stuff on computers in schools and Internet cafes to protect minors ... (more)

Borland Acquires Starbase and BoldSoft in All-Cash Transactions

(October 15, 2002) - This month, Borland Software Corporation announced two acquisitions: Starbase Corporation and BoldSoft BoldSoft MDE Aktiebolag. Borland will acquire Starbase in an all-cash tender offer for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $24 million or $2.75 per share. Headquartered in Santa Ana, California, Starbase is a provider of software configuration management technology. Borland's president and CEO Dale L. Fuller commented, "The acquisition of Starbase advances our goal of integrating all phases of software development into a single, seamless solution that unifies the design, development, testing, and deployment phases of the software application lifecycle. BoldSoft, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is a pioneer in design-driven development technologies. Its products are currently incorporated into Borland Delphi 7 Studio and Borland Ente... (more)

Car Mufflers and Software Industry | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps #Microservices

Imagine that you are designing the 2017 Ford Mustang. Like all gas-powered vehicles, each one needs an exhaust muffler. Ford has already vetted and narrowed in on a preferred provider of mufflers. But imagine what would happen if the designers and factory line workers could pick from any one of 20+ past versions of that exhaust muffler from any provider for the new model year – even if that part is outdated, has lower performance, does not meet current emission standards or has a known defect. The designer could order it, place it on the vehicle, then ship it. We all realize this scenario would never happen. No one would select an outdated, defective or poor-performing part for the product they are manufacturing, and no organization would give each of their designers and line workers free rein on procuring, installing and shipping any one of 20+ different exhaust mu... (more)

AccuRev Integrates with NetBeans IDE 3.6 Platform

AccuRev, Inc. is integrating AccuRev with NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 3.6. AccuRev demonstrated this NetBeans integration at NetBeans Software Day, a companion event to the 2004 JavaOne Conference, on Tuesday, June 29. is the home of the NetBeans open source community and code base. The award-winning NetBeans IDE provides a pure Java technology development environment for Windows, Linux, the Solaris Operating System or Mac OS X. NetBeans IDE 3.6, a major revision to the open source platform, is intended to enable applications development on systems ranging from mobile devices to multi-tier enterprise systems. AccuRev is the only software configuration management system to offer TimeSafe architecture, which effortlessly allows groups of developers to implement unlimited hierarchies of parallel development streams. AccuRev's new arc... (more)

The IBM Rational Approach to SOA and Web Services

The need to respond to changing business demands with flexible IT solutions has led many businesses to service oriented architectures (SOAs). An SOA is an IT framework that combines individual business functions and processes, called services, to implement sophisticated business applications and processes. SOA is an approach to IT that considers business processes as reusable components or "services" that are independent of the applications and computing platforms on which they run. SOA solutions are designed as assemblies of services in which the description of the assembly is a managed, first-class aspect of the system, and hence amenable to analysis, change, and evolution. A system is then viewed as a choreographed set of service interactions, so enterprise solutions appear as federations of services connected via well-specified contracts that define their servi... (more)

Tomorrow’s IBM “Smart Business” Cloud Computing Strategy

The NY Times broke IBM’s embargo this morning by publishing their story on IBM’s new cloud computing initiatives.  I’ve posted the full release here on CloudBzz. The diagram below gives a bit of insight into where IBM is today and where they are heading. IBM is also updating their collateral with a bit more detail.  Here is a fact sheet for their Smart Business initiative: Fact sheet: IBM Smart Business Smart Business is IBM’s commonly branded set of cloud computing offerings for business. This set of offerings gives clients three choices to deliver and consume cloud services to drive efficiency, productivity and control. Smart Business Services – cloud services delivered: 1: Private cloud services, behind your firewall, built by IBM. 2: Standardized services on the IBM cloud Smart Business Systems – purpose-built infrastructure 3. IBM CloudBurst: Pre-integrated har... (more)

SAP Executive John Wookey

Furthering its commitment to become a leader in the on-demand software space, SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) recently announced the first details of its on-demand strategy for large enterprises. Dedicated to its installed customer base, on-demand software for large enterprises from SAP is planned to consist of function-specific software applications, available by subscription, which plug directly into a customer's on-site SAP(R) Business Suite software. The strategy was unveiled by John Wookey , executive vice president of Large Enterprise On-Demand at SAP, during his keynote presentation titled "Next Generation OnDemand" at SIIA On-Demand Europe 2009. Wookey said SAP's large enterprise on-demand offering will help its customers innovate faster and extend the value of their current investments in SAP Business Suite. For example, the integration of data and processes helps ensur... (more)

Silverlight Applications 70% Smaller

With the release of Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft introduced a new and exciting way to create cutting edge rich Internet applications (RIAs). The size of these applications developed by Silverlight users influences the download time and consumption of network resources. In response to the call for faster download and conservation of resources, ComponentOne, a leading component vendor in the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner program, announced the release of ComponentOne XapOptimizer. XapOptimizer is a stand-alone utility that reduces the size of XAP files by removing unused classes and XAML resources. In the third quarter of 2008, ComponentOne announced the community technology preview (CTP) of ComponentOne XapOptimizer. Today, this stand-alone utility, which allows developers to reduce the size of their Silverlight applications and secure their code, has ... (more)